42 Names – A Mix of Good and Bad when Brainstorming

During your name hunt, try to jot down as many ideas and potential names as possible that come into your head.

A handful will be potential candidates for your blog’s name, a few will sound silly when you review them, most will be embarrassingly bad and some may be scary that you even thought about them.

To give you an idea, here’s an example list from a blogger who illustrates how you’re bound to have a few terrible ideas among some truly great ones:

  1. Stomach Fodder
  2. Stomachtraxxx
  3. When They Ate Horseflesh
  4. Mealy Potatoes
  5. Methless Kitchen
  6. Cooking for CareFags
  7. Out of the Frying Pan
  8. Until Soylent Green
  9. Post-Cannibalism
  10. Edible Complex
  11. Ration Passion
  12. What Would Jesus Eat
  13. Folsom County Last Meal Requests
  14. Eat Me Drink Me
  15. Bourgie Banquet
  16. Favorite Dishes of The Fuhrer Adolf Hitler
  17. Ovens Are Not Murder Machines
  18. Celebrity Last Meals
  19. Good Rhymes with Food
  20. Monetized Hipster Homestyle
  21. Porno for Porcines
  22. Tear Down the Food Pyramid
  23. Don’t Compost Cat Shit
  24. The Black Martha Stewart
  25. Emotional Eatery
  26. End Suburban Hunger
  27. Recipe Schmessipe
  28. Oedipal Edibles
  29. Meanwhile, People Starve
  30. Fucking This Custard
  31. Eat or Die Tryin’
  32. Urban Oven
  33. The Ort Cloud
  34. Squabbling Over Crumbs
  35. Food Related Platitudes
  36. China Beach Was the Best Show
  37. The Art of Comfort Eating
  38. Eat, Love, Gay
  39. Deconstructing Comestibles
  40. Before It Was Poop, It Was…
  41. White Guilt Cook Book
  42. Needlessly Bisexual Food Critic
Ultimately, she chose to use the name ‘Deep in this Pear‘.

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