55 Names of the World’s Greatest Food Blogs

There’s a post on Saveur (which is incidentally a fabulous name for a foodie blog) that covers 55 of the leading food blogs of the world.

If you’re trying to figure out what you should call your new food blog, check out these names to get some really cool ideas:

  1. (Lima) Beans and Delhi Cha(a)t
  2. A Cat in the Kitchen
  3. A Little Cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate
  4. AZ Cookbook
  5. BAs Cooking
  6. Brûlée Blog
  7. Cafe Fernando
  8. Chocolate and Zucchini
  9. Chubby Hubby
  10. Chucrute com Salsicha
  11. Come-Se
  12. Cook Sister!
  13. David Lebovitz
  14. Delicious Days
  15. Dinner for One
  16. Drawn and Devoured
  17. É o que tem pra hoje
  18. Eating Asia
  19. Egg Bacon Chips and Beans
  20. Everybody Likes Sandwiches
  21. Good Food in Mexico City
  22. Green Kitchen Stories
  23. GustoBlog
  24. Istanbul Eats
  25. Kokblog
  26. Kuidaore
  27. Las Recetas de Laylita
  28. Like a Strawberry Milk
  29. Lobstersquad
  30. Lucullian Delights
  31. Man That Cooks
  32. Market Manila
  33. My Book of Rai
  34. My Korean Kitchen
  35. My Little Expat Kitchen
  36. My Mom’s Recipes
  37. Nami-Nami
  38. Noodle Pie
  39. Nook Eatery
  40. Nordljus
  41. Nyam Penh
  42. Palachinka
  43. Pertelote
  44. Pinoy Cook
  45. Rachel Eats
  46. Rasa Malaysia
  47. She Simmers
  48. She Who Eats
  49. Souvlaki for the Soul
  50. Sticky Rice
  51. Tasca de Elvira
  52. The Cook’s Cottage
  53. The Wednesday Chef
  54. Things We Make
  55. What Katie Ate

Although a few of the names may only be fully understood if you know the local language, there are quite a few catchy and highly memorable names in this list.

Yes, admittedly, there are a bunch of pretty boring ones as well, and a couple that are too clever for their own good.

Anyway, it should hopefully give you an idea of what’s good and what’s not so good as a blog name.

1 thought on “55 Names of the World’s Greatest Food Blogs

  1. Nigella

    I like Chubby Hubby and Delicious Days, but there are some quite average names in the list. I guess it just goes to show that you don’t need a great name for your blog to be a success.


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